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What Is the Healthiest Way to Eat 10+ of Our Favorite Foods

There is a correlation between different veggies’ colors and the health benefits they provide. Red veggies are renowned for their antioxidant properties, while green ones are famous for aiding in good eye health — and yellow veggies are often considered a good source of protein. But how should we eat all these foods to maximize their nutritional perks? Bright Side encourages you to learn what foods have the most minerals and… Read More »

How to Raise Your Son to Be a Good Man and Get Thousand of Thanks From His Partner in the Future

Between the roughhousing and the belief that “boys will be boys,” handling a boy is no easy ride, and it’s hard not to worry if you’re currently raising one. Luckily, most of these behaviors are more culturally influenced than they are biological, picked up from peers, relatives, teachers, and the media. And since these things are learned, there are things we can do as parents to help guide our… Read More »

10 Celebrities Who Worked Minimum Wage Jobs

The path to success isn’t easy for everyone, and celebrities are no exception. Yes, some of them were lucky to hit the lottery at birth, but others had to work as janitors to achieve the things they have today. We at Bright Side were eager to find out what some celebrities did for work before they become famous, and we were so inspired by their stories that we couldn’t resist sharing… Read More »

11 People That Know a Little Bit More About the World Than Everyone Else

Some of the most revolutionary things we can’t imagine living without today were invented accidentally. For example, Botox was originally used to treat strabismus. And the amazing effect it had on wrinkles was found much later on when scientists found that it smoothed the skin near the eyebrows. But scientists aren’t the only ones making curious discoveries — social media users uncover new things… Read More »

What 7 Tiny Details in Your Bathroom Can Reveal About You

You might not know this, but how you arrange the items in your bathroom can give away many facts about yourself. Things like whether you roll your toilet paper over or under can indicate things about your personality. But before you shrug this notion off, read below to find out what experts say about this and see if things… Read More »

13 Pairs of Celebrities in Cheap and Expensive Outfits That Look Almost Identical

The difference between the cost of clothing for mass market brands and for clothing from the luxury segment can reach several thousand dollars. At the same time, sometimes it can be pretty hard to distinguish which is which. The celebrities who often opt for budget-friendly brands are a bright piece of proof of that. They leave the public guessing which designer created the masterpiece,… Read More »

15+ Funny Comics About Maternity Any Mother Can Relate To

Tanya is a young mother and talented artist who humorously illustrates the twists and turns of parenthood. Her Instagram account is full of small masterpieces that many of us can relate to. They show how much our lives change with the arrival of a child. At Bright Side, we’re sure that Tanya’s works will make you smile, even if it’s laughter through tears. 1. © tan.maman / Instagram 2.… Read More »

8 Behaviors That We Copy From Each Other Like Mirrors, and Here’s What It Means

Mimicking the behavior of others dates back to when humans first came to be. This is because it was needed not only to survive but also to evolve as a species and to figure out what was and wasn’t acceptable in society. Nowadays, we still do it — like when we laugh after seeing someone else do the same. We at Bright Side have gathered 8 behaviors that are just as contagious as laughter and would like to share them… Read More »

10 Tips to Keep Your Child From Developing Body Image Issues

According to research, 3 out of every 4 children are not satisfied with their figure and 54% of girls reported that images on social media make them worry in relation to their own bodies. As a parent, just like teaching your child how to tie their shoelaces or dress themselves, you can teach them how to have a positive body image. We at Bright Side wanted to share some helpful tips for you to use, so your… Read More »