21 People Who Are Seriously Confused About Fashion

One of the first things you usually notice about someone is how they’re dressed. Clothes help define a person’s personality and everyone has their own style preferences. While some of them might seem strange to you, others are just plain amusing. But clothes are the way people choose to express themselves and we shouldn’t judge… Read More »

20+ Celebrities Who Reacted to Paparazzi Brilliantly (Alec Baldwin Is the Master)

It seems that being famous is something that everyone wants. However, fame also has a downside: the constant attention from photographers. Celebrities do all kinds of things to avoid being photographed. Sometimes their methods are so elegant, they deserve an award! Bright Side has prepared photos that show celebrities using their skills to try to hide from photographers, oftentimes trolling the paparazzi. 1. Leonardo DiCaprio knows… Read More »

19 Kids Who Found Such Droll Reasons to Cry for, We Couldn’t Help Chuckling

Although it always breaks our hearts to see our children cry, there is no doubt that sometimes the reasons for their tears and anger are so hilarious that we can’t help but immortalize the moment with a photograph. And no, it doesn’t make us bad parents! We at Bright Side found 19 photos of kids crying for the funniest and most ridiculous reasons. 1. “I wouldn’t let him eat the ’8… Read More »

20 People Whose 2019 Didn’t Start Way They Expected

We all hope that each upcoming year is going to be much better than the last one. But reality has already ruined some people’s dreams and prepared unpleasant surprises for them. And their relatives, pets, and children are ready to add fuel to the fire with their pranks and jokes. Bright Side hopes you’re able to deal with all your challenges easily and… Read More »

19 Glorious Times Pranksters Totally Nailed It

The most famous pranksters have millions of subscribers on YouTube and other platforms, and even make money pranking! But we think these pranksters deserve a prize too. At Bright Side, we always give credit where credit is due, and we simply could not hold on to this collection of pranks without showing it to you. 19. “A cup prank at my high school.” © judene/imgur 18. On Halloween, try dipping Brussel sprouts in chocolate to play a nasty… Read More »

9 Simple Things That Most People Just Can’t Do

All people are special and unique in their own ways. In fact, some people have abilities that could amaze you. These include things that you may have never thought about or figured were even possible. Some people can’t do things as simple as wiggle their ears or raise one eyebrow, for example. But believe it or not, there are a select few that can. Bright Side has… Read More »

How to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes According to the US Navy

While soldiers fight their battles on real battlefields, many of us out here in the peaceful world struggle with our own issues. Sleep deprivation is a very common problem that people experience nowadays due to stress, an imbalanced daily regimen, or emotional difficulties. Statistics show that up to 70 million people in the US suffer from a sleeping disorder. At this point, keeping your bedroom cool, dark and quiet doesn’t work anymore. Hard times… Read More »

20 Smart Inventions Our World Has Been Crying For

The 21st century is already so full of witty, smart inventions that it seems no one could think of anything better. At the same time, ordinary things that we use every day are not always 100% convenient. For example, there are traffic lights that spare too little time for pedestrians to cross, making it difficult for elderly folks to cross the road. Singapore has solved this… Read More »

26 Pictures Depicting the Real Power of Destiny

How many times have you managed to appear in the right place at the right time? These people below can confirm that just one moment can change your whole life in a magnificent way. Bright Side gathered stories that can convince even the most skeptical people that destiny exists. 26. “My cousin was in his future wife’s family picture (on the left) 7 years before… Read More »

16 Maps That Could Make Us Adore Geography Class

This world isn’t just about boundaries between countries. Our planet is so huge and diverse that there are many unusual criteria we can use to compare different parts of it. Bright Side invites you to take a look at the world depicted in unusual maps that reveal some very interesting facts. 16. The world divided into 7 regions, each with a population of 1 billion © Zarth__ / reddit… Read More »