What Children of the Most Beautiful Women in the World Look Like (Some of Them Won the Genetic Lottery)

Famous and beautiful women draw attention, they make us want to watch them and be like them. And when they have children, the curiosity of their fans increases by a whole lot: is the child just as attractive as the mother, or was nature on vacation? If you, together with Bright Side, are interested in this topic, you will definitely like this compilation of famous beauties and their children. 1.… Read More »

10 Unexpected Military Units That Really Existed

Military history proves that it takes all kinds of things to fight in battle…it’s filled with a lot of unusual incidents and weird armies. War isn’t just for people; there were times when animals and even puppets got involved. In fact, sometimes, a battle was won by having nobody fighting! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We at Bright Side love weird history — the weirder the better!… Read More »

24 People Who Perfected Their Laziness Skills

Laziness is a kind of art. In order to not do anything, you have to be both very organized and extremely creative. There are proofs on the internet which show laziness at its best. Bright Side has collected 24 photographs from the people who know what it means to be really lazy. At the end of the article, there is a bonus which shows that even animals can sometimes be gurus at doing nothing. This is good… Read More »

20+ Pets Whose Owners Will Do Anything for Them

Having a pet is more than just having to feed and walk someone regularly. It also means having someone grateful and kind always by your side. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice our favorite books, our free time, our morning coffee, or even a huge chunk of our bed for our pets. But can we even call these things sacrifices if they give us all that love in return? We at Bright… Read More »

20 People Who Got Really Creative at Costumes

There’s no fun like the fun at a costume party. They are the absolute best! If you have one coming up, we believe you’ll look your best no matter who you choose to be. And here’s even more inspiration for you. Bright Side made a list of people who struck costume gold and made us hold our breath. Rock your bald with a Voldemort cosplay. Savefrom Uploaded by… Read More »

30+ Hilarious Situations Only Parents Will Understand

We’ve all probably seen pictures of perfect parents with their perfect kids on social media. But if you have children, you definitely know that it’s just a ruse, to make their reality look better than it actually is. No, parenthood doesn’t smell like roses, but the joy and love that our kids share with us is worth everything. So don’t get upset about colored walls,… Read More »

17 Coincidences That Refute the Probability Theory

Two different people took identical photos of a lighthouse at the same second; a boy found a little Lego copy of his father; or a boyfriend and a girlfriend look like two peas in a pod — if you saw all of these in real life you’d say “No way that’s possible!” Do you think we’re exaggerating? Actually, things like this happen pretty often in everyday life. Bright Side gathered amazing photos with perfect… Read More »

19 Interesting Things You Are Too Lazy to Google

Children constantly ask questions, making their parents surf the internet for the answers. However, grown-ups also like to learn new things, though we rarely waste our time answering “how“ and ”why” questions. Bright Side found the most interesting answers to the questions about everything at once. 19. Why do we have goose bumps? © depositphotos It turns out to be an ancient phenomenon acquired from animals. Goose… Read More »

20 Times Wedding Celebrations Went So Wrong It’s Hilarious

After the wedding pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were published, husbands and wives got inspired to share their own wedding pics. Unlike the perfect shots of the royal wedding, these pictures show a whole range of wedding disasters from guests’ photobombs to kids throwing tantrums during the ceremony. It’s probably a rare case when a couple’s wedding album is totally perfect and internet… Read More »

20 Pictures That Can Annoy the Entire Internet

Not everyone can be flipped out by crookedly laid tiles on a sidewalk — most of us don’t even pay attention to things like this. But life is full of little annoyances, which can even get on the nerves of those who don’t consider themselves perfectionists. For example, when a girl sitting in front of you on a bus or plane flips her long hair back over her seat. Or when a package marked… Read More »