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25 Photos That Can Make Anyone Furious

Modern people live under constant stress. That’s why even the smallest imperfections, very little problems, or bad manners of other people can easily break the internal harmony in any of us. Bright Side had a hard time choosing these 25 photographs that will make even the most relaxed people furious. And we prepared a bonus at the end of this article, so check it out! “Where the tile… Read More »

27 People Who Hired Workers and Regretted It Bitterly

Doing something well on the first attempt is good but also boring! The people from today’s compilation are completely sure of that because they don’t care about their work too much. This is why we have introverted traffic lights, painted ice and other funny things all around us. Bright Side has found 26 examples of people’s work that weren’t too thought out. And at the… Read More »

25 People Who Will Do Anything to Forget That Day

We all have our highs and lows sometimes. It’s usually about little troubles and mistakes that are not worth mentioning or paying attention to. However, some fails can be so epic that we can only laugh at such absurd situations. Bright Side gathered the most hilarious photos from people who definitely weren’t having the best day… Read More »

21 Surreal Photos Taken Only With Pure Luck

No matter how good a photographer you are, sometimes all it takes is being at the right place at the right moment. Every second 729 photos are posted to Instagram and only a few of them are perfectly timed. Here at Bright Side, we are ’perfectly timing’ this compilation of pics where people were at the right place at right time. 1. Fight! © yourbrotherrex/reddit 2. When an angel walks in: © ArthurJMinoz/reddit… Read More »

10 Tricks Women Can Use to Instantly Solve the Most Awkward Situations

Visible panty lines, messy hair and slippery shoes can turn the best moments into the most embarrassing ones. The good news is that we can escape these awkward moments gracefully by implementing some tricks that can immediately fix the situation. We at Bright Side also know how it feels to be in awkward situations and found some tricks that can help you to avoid them. 1.… Read More »

10 Paintings of the Past That Hide Startling Facts About the Life of Our Ancestors

Many people can paint a beautiful painting, but doing it in an elegant way and hiding a message in it or portraying some features from that time is something that only true masters of art can do. This is why art experts are like detectives, looking for evidence and spending hours deciphering paintings. This is how we learned that the first cave drawings were made by women, men used to wear… Read More »

10 Misconceptions That Hide Real Facts About the Middles Ages

The Middle Ages are one of the most mysterious stages in human history. It lasted from the 5th century to the 15th century. When we speak about this time, we usually imagine dirty people tossing trash into the streets, vast illiteracy, and lots of war. But these are only stereotypes and we ought to stop believing them. Bright Side has studied many history books to bust… Read More »

8 Dangerous Smartphone Apps It’s Better to Delete ASAP

It’s no secret that some apps can eat up your phone`s storage or battery, or that some automatically charge money, collect credit card data, or share your personal information. Dozens of hazardous apps appear on the market every day, so many that not even Google Play or the App Store can track them down immediately. So, the safety of your devices and private information is mostly… Read More »

15 People That Found Themselves Trapped by Technology

Sometimes it seems that technological progress is just amazing. But in some situations things just aren’t that pleasant: like when mobile carriers require us to pay money to avoid useless subscriptions or when a robot vacuum cleaner gets blocked by something or when your “unlimited” internet data ends at the worst time. Internet users try to stay on the positive side when they have to deal with these situations.… Read More »

21 People Who Lost Weight and Started Living a Whole New Life

Many people dream of losing weight but only a few find the inner strength to actually do it. Their excuses might be different, like claiming to be big-boned or blaming it on genetics. However, there are people who managed to accomplish their weight-loss goals and it’s almost impossible to recognize them in old photos. Bright Side found 21 of these people and we applaud them for their determination. If you want to lose weight,… Read More »