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A Study Suggests That Obesity During Pregnancy May Affect the Brain Development of the Future Child

The bond between mother and child is the most intense in human nature. Bringing a child into the world causes resounding changes in the life of the woman, who will no longer be the same. And, beyond the joy and happiness that can mean carrying a new human being in your belly, there is something fundamental to this new role: responsibility. And we are not just talking… Read More »

Why You Should Never Use Public USB Charging Stations

More than 566 million cases of data leakage through public phone charging stations have been detected since 2018 up to today, according to IBM. Some cities’ district attorneys already warn travelers to avoid public USB chargers and free charging appliances. Today cybersecurity is extra important, as we have all of our important info stored in our phones, including documents, money, and personal information. Here at Bright Side we are always concerned about… Read More »

10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

In order to increase profits and get attention from customers, mass-market brands can’t stop copying designer clothes and accessories. It used to be pretty easy to spot fake products right away, but now some replicas have such a high quality that it’s almost impossible to distinguish them from the originals. Bright Side came up with a list of things you should check before buying designer clothes, if you… Read More »

18 Children of Celebrities Who Won the Genetic Lottery

It’s no coincidence that most kids of Hollywood stars all look like they struck a genetic goldmine. Their parents have long been stealing our hearts with their dashing looks, and now their children are coming in to take over that spotlight. But we don’t mind — we appreciate anyone who makes this world that much more beautiful. Bright Side is rushing to you with another portion… Read More »

9 Rules of Life That Rich People Follow While Poor People Consider Them Stupid

While the tips about reading a lot and working less in the office may sound pretty good, it’s not enough to follow them to become a person who is well-off financially. It’s important to have a certain mindset and this way of thinking that can be developed thanks to certain habits. Millionaires have a similar attitude toward many things and it’s not without reason. The same goes… Read More »

12 Interesting Facts About Dreams That Few People Know

We spend about one-third of our life sleeping. Although from the outside it seems like nothing but a routine, if we take time to think about it, it is just the opposite: there is a whole world of details and curiosities that we would not suspect at first glance. We at Bright Side have put together a list of fascinating facts about sleep and what happens during that time. 1. Like old times © Rene Asmussen /… Read More »

12 Ways to Wake Up Kids Who Don’t Want to Get Up

It’s been scientifically proven that children who get enough sleep are generally healthier, perform better at school, and have good memories and behavior. However, sleeping is followed by waking up, which can be no easy task for parents. Our Bright Side team decided to collect some good advice on how to make the waking up process smoother for both you and your kid. 1. Let the sunshine in before waking… Read More »

20 Facts About the World We Had to Double-Check to Believe

Did you know that the smell of chocolate in a bookstore makes people want to buy romance novels? This is one of the many mind-blowing facts that make the Internet a very interesting place — and it makes for great conversation! Here at Bright Side, we did our research and found 20 of the most curious facts that you may not know. A day on Venus is a little longer than a year on Venus. Most elephants weigh as much as a blue… Read More »

13 Child Symptoms Parents Think Are Unhealthy, but Doctors Confirm They’re Fine

It’s normal to worry about your child when they’re not feeling well. But the important part is to assess their symptoms and conclude whether they’re truly unhealthy, or just a sign of something benign. To dispel your worries, doctors have something to say about the symptoms that your children show. Here at Bright Side, we rounded up some of the most common health issues in children and asked… Read More »

An Austrian Photographer Captures Uproarious Moments From Wild Animals’ Lives Like No One Else Can

Julian Rad is an unusual photographer who creates artwork with the most unexpected heroes. His models never specifically pose or listen to instructions. They simply live their own lives and it’s what makes Rad’s photographs even more beautiful. We at Bright Side can’t get enough of these little creatures that hang on corn, smell the flowers, and fool around with each other. So today, we invite you… Read More »