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Kandolhu Resort in Maldives

Additionally in the Maldives is an island as immaculate as the uncommon Kandolhu. 200 meters to 150 meters, the island is rich, with wide sandy shorelines around the emerald green sea. The island is additionally home to a standout amongst the most pristine, beautiful and lively reefs in the Maldives. Effortlessly available from everywhere throughout… Read More »

Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort, Ireland

This major renovation will improve all areas of the complex, including the improvement and restoration of interior decoration, furniture and rooms and repair exterior stone and windows. New Drafts Reardon Smith acclaimed architects and interior architects Richmond improve all guest rooms and public areas. This renovation work will honor the architectural heritage of the building… Read More »

30 Photos That Give Us Millions of Questions

Sometimes life turns the most ordinary situations into the craziest moments, leaving us with so many questions and little answers. For example, things like a bear sitting in a car, a pigeon that might be related to a flamingo, or a dolphin in a person’s backyard, leave us scratching our heads. Take a look at these crazy photos below — you wouldn’t believe us if we just told you about them. Bright Side has gathered 30 pictures… Read More »

20 Times the Universe Invented Coincidences That Just Made Us Go “Wow”

Sometimes we happen upon things that randomly remind us of something else. Like having the pattern of your bag or socks be exactly the same as a car or a pair of shoes. All of these things are coincidences that make you go, “What are the odds?” because things like this don’t happen all the time. But thankfully the people from this compilation were quick enough to capture photographic… Read More »

20+ Evil Packaging Designs That Are a Crime Against Humanity

Package designers are so creative, they’re always inventing new tricks to make packages look bigger, thicker, and prettier. Sometimes opening a box of cookies can be quite disappointing, especially if you get half as many as the packaging suggested. Despite this, we can’t help but admire the creativity of these marketers. The Bright Side team has found the most genius packaging that is absolutely better than its contents.… Read More »

19 Couldn’t-Care-Less People Who Invented Their Own Shopping Styles

There’s no reason to go shopping the regular way when you can stand out from the crowd with your unique appearance. And that’s exactly what these adorable weirdos do. Like it or not, all of us have to spend a certain amount of time at the local store or in the supermarket. However, some of us have the talent of giving regular shopping trips some extra sparkle, making the visit… Read More »

20 Brilliant People Who Are Ninjas of Problem Solving

One of the marvels of humanity is our ability to come up with resourceful solutions. It may be the 21st century and we’re far past the invention of the wheel or the discovery of fire, but modern people are still coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems. Better yet, many of these solutions seem like the work of true comedians. Here at Bright Side we discovered 20 hilarious photos that show just… Read More »

23 Perfectly Timed Photos That Made Us Gasp

Photos freeze moments of our lives so we can remember them forever. But sometimes when the circumstances play out, the pictures turn out to be masterpieces. These circumstances turn reality into something truly amazing, to remind us how beautiful and amazing the world is. If you haven’t seen anything breathtaking today — have a look at these pictures of forever frozen perfection. Here at Bright Side we’ve collected some stunning… Read More »

24 Guys Who Should Be Named Boyfriend of the Year

It’s vital for most women to feel appreciated, and most men are well aware of that. However, some of the representatives of the stronger half set their standards so high, that all the rest are left to do is learn from them. Whether it’s a handmade gift or a long-awaited adventure, the men from our compilation deserve a special award for being so cool. We at Bright Side are totally into… Read More »

16 Masters of Problem Solving Who Deserve a Round of Applause

There are no problems you can’t solve. Sometimes, people are so inventive that when they solve a problem they make us ask, “So, this was an option?” They may be so inventive that they can swim in a barrel instead of a swimming pool or wear shoes from 2 different pairs. Bright Side is amazed by people who used their difficult situation to their advantage and we want you to take a look at them. When… Read More »