20+ Evil Packaging Designs That Are a Crime Against Humanity

By | August 26, 2019

Package designers are so creative, they’re always inventing new tricks to make packages look bigger, thicker, and prettier. Sometimes opening a box of cookies can be quite disappointing, especially if you get half as many as the packaging suggested. Despite this, we can’t help but admire the creativity of these marketers.

The Bright Side team has found the most genius packaging that is absolutely better than its contents.

1. “Who’s eaten the jam?”

2. Is the tube half empty or half full?

3. “A ’jelly-filled’ doughnut I got from Albertson’s”

4. “I’ve bought a big container of hair wax…”

5. Sausage might be a delicacy on this pizza.

6. The packaging hides the real amount of chips.


I went ahead and exposed they ass.

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7. This is the biggest letdown I’ve had in a while, to be honest.”

8. “Bought this for $1.20 — which is pretty pricey over here —just to find out later that I’ve been screwed!”

9. A pile of biscuits…and a half

10. This dry squid container promised to have more!

11. “My box of staples was more box than staples…”

12. There are just enough to fit in the window.

13. The package seems to be full of cheese!

14. Now I always look at how many milliliters there are.

15. The illusion of extra guac looks quite artistic.

16. My ice cream from central London was made to look bigger than it really was.

17. This tea came in a pack of 4, facing forward.

18. It’s both smart and tricky to place one package into another.

19. Some leftover chocolate from Christmas

20. “My disappointment is immeasurable.”

21. Sharp customers always look at the bottom. Do you?

22. This sticker roll looks big before you unwrap it.

23. “Beef for 2” seems like it should be bigger…

Have you ever come face to face with these packaging tricks? Share them with us in the comments below!

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