20 Brilliant People Who Are Ninjas of Problem Solving

By | August 26, 2019

One of the marvels of humanity is our ability to come up with resourceful solutions. It may be the 21st century and we’re far past the invention of the wheel or the discovery of fire, but modern people are still coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems. Better yet, many of these solutions seem like the work of true comedians.

Here at Bright Side we discovered 20 hilarious photos that show just how ingenious people can be when they’re in search of a good solution.

1. A genius bumper savior

2. They weren’t just made for arresting people.



De politie gebruikt eigen middelen om fietsendiefstal tegen te gaan….

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3. In case you don’t have a leash…

4. Here’s how you take close up photos:

5. Enjoying the best view in the room.

6. No fork, no problem

7. No teacher will ever suspect you’re sleeping in class.

8. Who said cars cost money?

9. Goodbye wavy potato chips.


I’m not a fan of wavy potato chips, but I make it work.

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10. People seem to always have the cutlery they don’t need.

11. No need to buy a toaster.

12. This kid deserves extra credit.

13. A fence to keep burglars out

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14. Don’t just throw your DVD cases away.

15. For lazy gamers around the world

16. The best way to enjoy a concert

17. Who has time to buy a new one?

18. When your IQ has reached Einstein level:

19. This is some serious watermelon eating game.

20. This will be taken out of your paycheck.

What’s the funniest instance of problem solving you’ve ever seen, and who was the genius behind the stunt? Comment your stories below.

Preview photo credit Mr_E13 / reddit

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