17 Restless Kids Whose Quick Wit Led to a Little Catastrophe

By | September 26, 2020

Kids have an irrepressible imagination and quick wit that allows them to continue producing ideas that astonish us with their ingenuity and simplicity all at the same time. While adults rack their brains over issues, making their tasks even more difficult, kids find the most unpredictable and obvious solutions to those issues. However, sometimes creativity leads them to such depths, that all their parents are left to do is wonder how on earth they came up with that idea.

We at Bright Side were assured once again that kids’ logic knows no boundaries and the tricks of the youngsters from our compilation illustrate this in the best possible way.

1. “My niece said I was going bald so, unprompted, she cut off a lock of her hair for me. I hope the scotch tape holds.”

2. “Had to explain to my daughter what ‘counterfeiting’ is after I found this.”

3. “My brother, ladies and gentlemen… It’s no wonder why he was losing his mind about falsely saying which day it was.”

4. “My daughter put sunscreen on this rock “so it doesn’t burn.”

5. “I’m driving down the highway and I look in my rearview mirror and spot this orange thing in the passenger door handle. It’s his phone just sitting there at 80 mph.”

6. “My daughter got an Etch-a-sketch today for her 8th birthday. The first thing she drew was a cat puking.”

7. “My 11 y/o daughter has insisted on checking the mail the last couple of days. Today, I checked it. This is what I found…”

8. “When your 3-year-old has convinced you he’s been eating his vegetables lately.”

9. “Bought my 7-year-old daughter a bracelet making kit. Found this on the table the next day.”

10. “My kid is practicing her name… in nail polish… on the wall… of a rental.”

11. “My 7-year-old daughter made nunchucks out of her doll’s legs.”

12. “I volunteered at my 9-year-old son’s day camp today. I asked him this morning to pack us a lunch. I really regret not checking what he had packed before we left…”

13. “My 3-year-old always hides my keys in weird places so I taped his hide & go seek toy to them that makes noises. I just found them in the freezer…”

14. “Playing hide-and-seek with my 3-year-old nephew. He’s brought me a potty in case I need a pee while I’m hiding.”

15. “My 7-year-old son drew on the walls and furniture in his bedroom and tried to pin in on his 3-year-old sister. He almost got away with it, but as a good artist should, he signed it with his name.”

16. “Asked my 3-year-old daughter to wash her table. How on Earth did she get it there?”

17. “I FREAKED out thinking my 4-year-old somehow put her newborn sister into her car seat.”

What have your kids done that made you clutch your heart or roll your eyes? How do you usually react to their mischief?

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