What the “Avocado Generation” Is That You Probably Belong To

Millennials, or Generation Y, are the people born between 1981 and 1996. They are often called the Me-Me-Me generation or the avocado-generation (because they love avocado toast). Now, these people are from 24-39 years old. We at Bright Side wanted to find out what researchers have to say about this generation. They don’t want to grow up. Another name for this age group is the Peter Pan Generation. More people who are between… Read More »

11 Signs That You Have a Perfect Relationship, Even If You Don’t Think So

It is totally natural that, from time to time, people doubt whether their relationship is what “it should be like.” Your family may be different from the family you grew up in and that’s also okay. We at Bright Side have analyzed the signs of unorthodox relationships and found expert opinions on why many couples don’t follow the stereotypes and are still happy. You don’t talk a lot. © Notting Hill… Read More »

8 Effects Chewing Gum Can Have on Your Body

Throughout history, people have chewed everything: from resin and paraffin wax to Orbit. For example, 5,000 years ago people used to chew pieces of birch bark tar. Tar has antiseptic properties and other medicinal effects, the same as modern chewing gum. Obviously, there’s more to this habit than fresh breath or an offbeat distraction. A lot more, it turns out. Bright Side untangled some myths from… Read More »

A Photographer Shows What Childhood Looks Like in Different Parts of the World

Massimo Bietti is an Italian photographer who travels around the world and captures moments of children’s lives. He has already visited kids in India, Russia, Norway, and many other countries. Some of them live in the most remote areas, and each picture gives us a glimpse of their lifestyles. The simple yet thought-provoking essence of these images has impressed us at Bright Side, and we suggest you take a look at this… Read More »

20 Times Fruits and Vegetables Revealed Their True Selves

As someone said, “Growing your own tomatoes is the best way to devote 3 months of your life to save $3.” It sounds ridiculous, yet studies show that gardening does wonders for our mental health, helping us relieve stress and develop a positive mindset. And sometimes it also provides a good chuckle! Bright Side collected photos of 20 peculiar plants right from people’s back yards and we’re happy to share them with… Read More »

17 Restless Kids Whose Quick Wit Led to a Little Catastrophe

Kids have an irrepressible imagination and quick wit that allows them to continue producing ideas that astonish us with their ingenuity and simplicity all at the same time. While adults rack their brains over issues, making their tasks even more difficult, kids find the most unpredictable and obvious solutions to those issues. However, sometimes creativity leads them to such depths, that… Read More »

10+ People Reveal Which Books They Consider to Be Most Overrated by Readers

We’ve all, at least once, gotten bewildered when we started to read a highly-touted book. And it doesn’t matter whether this book is a new bestseller or a classic, the writing might be good and the plot might be twisted, but we just didn’t get what all the hype was about. That’s when the following conclusion comes to mind: the book was overrated, but people feel shy about… Read More »

15+ Facts About Cats That Show These Fluffies From an Unexpected Side

Ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat-looking Goddess Bastet and seem to have passed the baton for adoring these purring 4-legged creatures to us. The entire internet continues to watch every move cats make and every funny thing they do. But what do we really know about cats? Are they as simple as they seem? We at Bright Side are in love with kitties that’s why we’ve decided to do a little investigation. © needforcaffeine… Read More »

10 Ways We Are Ruining Our Kitchens Without Even Noticing

The endless action and creation going on in your kitchen might make it hard to notice if you’re making any mistakes in the process. Whether it’s about cooking, cleaning, or storage, every little detail is crucial to keeping the place looking as good as new. For example, even a paper towel can cause damage. Bright Side is always there to have your back, in any situation. Here, we are ready to alert you… Read More »

Why Toilets Are Always White

It might seem like a good idea to make dark-colored toilets in order to disguise any stains that happen when we use the bathroom. Yet most of the WCs are pure white, which seems like it might double the work. We figured that this is more logical than it sounds. Bright Side has discovered the key factors for why most people have white toilets at home and is ready… Read More »