26 Desperate Animals That Are Against Going to the Vet

Dogs show up at the vet more often than other pets. But that doesn’t mean they take it any easier! That’s because almost all animals are afraid of going to the doctor. This can be due to bad associations and the fear that they will be hurt. These fluffy animals become anxious and their strong emotions can’t leave us feeling indifferent. Bright Side wants to share with… Read More »

19 People Who Make Weird Look Normal

There are things in life that once you see, your world will forever be changed. According to research, being weird is an inalienable quality of human nature. Oddities in behavior are assessed by others, causing some people to fall into the category of “weird”. We at Bright Side have compiled 19 pictures of people behaving weirdly while somehow making it look normal. 1. Freelance job © killmepleasehelpmeimdeadinside / imgur 2. “La-la-la…pink… Read More »

19 Hilarious Times Kids Made Parenting Way More Fun

Every parent knows that bringing up kids is a huge responsibility, but what they also know is that kids bring lots of laughter to the home. That’s why experienced moms and dads always keep their cameras at hand — just in case their beloved kiddo does something hilarious like the little guys below. It was an absolute laugh riot for us at Bright Side putting together the funny things… Read More »

10 Messages From People Who Are Better Off Never Using a Phone Again

Everyone can screw up on a phone like sending something to the wrong person, confusing someone’s name, or just by saying something stupid. But messages can’t be unsent, leaving some conversations so awkward they’re impossible to forget. And if nothing else, they give us a great reason to laugh. Bright Side gathered 10 text messages that went very wrong. Trust us, these messages are epic! 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5.… Read More »

29 Confusing Photos You Need to Look at Twice to Understand

Sometimes we need to look twice at a picture because we can’t figure out what’s going on. Bright Side gathered some extraordinary and amusingly confusing illusions that will blow your mind and make you take a proper look. Yes, these bags are real. © unknown author/imgur This horse seems to be doubled. © unknown author/imgur These chocolate croissants look like tiny sloths. © unknown author/imgur… Read More »

25 Awesome Life Hacks That Look Pretty Weird at First Glance

Bright Side found several unusual tricks and curious life hacks that only a genius or a creative thinker could’ve come up with. And we think that the last hack is the best of all. If you’re tired of losing your remotes, make an all-in-one. © wrongshirt/reddit “Showering your dog while smearing peanut butter on a wall as a distraction.” © GallowBoob/reddit To prevent wrapping paper from unrolling, use toilet paper tubes… Read More »

30+ Crazy Things Most of Us Haven’t Seen Before

Have you ever seen what the inside of an ice-cave looks like? Or the inside of a tree right after a storm? Or even monks carrying Nirvana merchandise? In this collection, we have it all. Funny, beautiful, and unique photographs that are completely worth a look. We at Bright Side would like to share this spectacular collection with you that will leave you speechless, the only thing you need to do is scroll through.… Read More »

22 Coincidences That Can Make Your Jaw Drop

Life surprises us every day — unbelievable coincidences and unusual angles make us see things in different ways. And to notice these things you just need to look closely. The people from this article did exactly that: some of them noticed the amazing similarity between a brother and a sister, or how much their cat looks like the cat on the cat food package. Bright Side has… Read More »

20 Odd Items People Found on Sale

Once upon a time, a guy walked into a local store and found an original Andy Warhol painting. Another day, a different man bought the Declaration of Independence in a $4 picture frame. But not everyone is as lucky as these shoppers! Bright Side has made a collection of the weirdest things people have found on sale. If… Read More »

25 Life Surprises No One Saw Coming

Even if your expectations have nothing in common with reality, don’t get upset: life wouldn’t be so interesting without surprises! Bright Side collected several funny examples of times when nothing went as planned. We bet something like this has happened to you, hasn’t it? When the mother understands that her baby girl is not a baby girl anymore: © LaFokaES/facebook.com “On Saint Valentine’s Day, my girlfriend decided to make… Read More »